In the modern times of education the significant focus is on the field of Management, which basically has its elements as 5 M's (Man, Materials, Machines, Methods and Money) have shifted the spotlight on the Agriculture based sectors.

PIAS (Pondicherry Institute of Agricultural Sciences) affiliated to Annamalai University offers 2 Years Master degree program on Agri and Food Business Management.

The Annamalai University's Curriculum is followed in a student's centric pedagogy by interactive methodology. In these two years the institute makes sure the students are confident on practical approaches of the Management theories in the domain of Agriculture and Food Business Management. The institute offers this 4 Semester of MBA Program with a well-planned and crafted methodologies with appropriate case method teaching, simulations, debates, project works, industry and farm visits also with guest lectures, seminars, conference participations


Further, the institute plans to implement measures for paid internships and part time jobs based on the management domain on Agri based and Food Business, so that it is made sure that every student earns the practical approach of learnt theories and also can walk out after two years not only with a degree but also with an experience certificate. The stipend that they receive based on their performance will also support them for the two years of education for their personal needs.

Additionally, during this program we assure that students will also encouraged to participate a number of inter college competitions and conference paper presentations such a way that they are also aware of the market situation and thus can prepare for their job opportunities. The institute has planned to undertake a number of initiatives for the campus placement with continuous and consistent efforts for the students from their personality building with confident and language proficiency, problem solving skills, team building and management skills, to interview etiquettes.

If the student is interested in entrepreneurship ventures, the institute makes enhanced steps to support with relevant correspondence with funding institutions both from Government Bodies, Banks as well as other NGOs. By and large our Institute makes sure every student of MBA Agri and Food Business management will walkout with full self-confidence, subject knowledge, and practical tactics of management along with a well-paying job offer.